Corporate Profile

          Boswell Connection Group Co.,Ltd., founded in 1994 with an aim to become a total solution for Fire and Security System, Lightning Protection system and Surge Protection System.
The company policy emphasizes on good quality and standard of work. An more than 23 year experience enables us not only supply of equipment but also provide design, installation and maintenance as well. Which is the protection and supplement industry for safety in life and property in high buildings and industrial plants. Until now we expand the scope of service to Building and factory utility systems such as Grounding System, Fire Extinguishing System, CCTV System, Nurse Call System and RTRC Conduit etc. Now, with the registered capital of
50 Million Bath. Today Boswell’s Group have service employing 40 employees. Each of Boswell’s core businesses holds a leadership position in its specific market.


We will increase the value of our company and our portfolio of diversified brands by exceeding customers’ expectation and achieving market leadership
and operating fully integrated fire, security and safety business, which encompasses fire, security and safety based and total engineering services,
confident of being a regional leader and s high performance organization with accountability, integrity, and optimum stakeholder returns,
within a value-driven corporate culture. Fully understand and exceed our customers’ needs, wants and preference and provide greater value to
our customers than our competition.

Professional Assurance

We support electrical consulting engineers, architects and contractors through our extensive product documentation and specification guidelines.
Continuous training of our reseller channel partners further maximizes this extensive support. The management team comprises of fully qualified professionals
with extensive hands-on experience and expertise. Together with its well-trained support staff, Boswell provides quality service and solutions that meets your demanding quality power needs.

Plan & Design & Install & Maintenance

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